Call 3-1-1

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl launched an exciting initiative to log all city non-emergency comments, concerns, complaints, and requests. All you have to do is dial 3-1-1. This is a great chance for us, as city bicyclists and pedestrians, to call in and report dangerous road hazards, streets and sidewalks that are unsafe, and streets that need traffic calming measures. We also want the administration to concentrate more resources on the City Bike Plan, which includes safer bicycle infrastructure.

If you’re not a phone person, you also have the choice to fill out the online form to log your bike infrastructure requests. It couldn’t be easier and you will receive a Service Request ID number that you can use to track your request. Leaving your name is optional. The entire process takes only a couple of minutes. Set aside a moment of your time and help make Pittsburgh better for bicycle transportation!
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  • nathan says:

    That bike plan is pretty comprehensive – “assimilate bicycle considerations and needs into all comprehensive planning activities”, “designate a “Bicycle Coordinator” responsible for implementing and managing the City’s Bicycle Program”, and some other really impressive claims – what’s the time period for this?

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