Smithfield St: “Buses Only” from Blvd of the Allies to Ft Pitt Blvd

As of this weekend, the Port Authority has extended the buses only lane going south from the Blvd of the Allies to Fort Pitt Blvd. This means cyclists needing to turn onto the Smithfield street bridge will need to approach from Grant Street and take the shared use bike/ped sidewalk, or turn right on Fort Pitt Blvd from Grant and then left across the bridge. For those cyclists approaching from further west (Wood St, or Point State Park), you will have to turn right on Wood and left onto Fort Pitt Blvd and then right across the bridge.

One thing that would be beneficial is for there to be another curb cut made so that cyclists coming from Grant St can easily access the bike/ped shared use path leading to the bridge. The only curb cut at the moment is facing the trail side, thus making the transition from Grant St to the shared use sidewalk very difficult.

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