Post-Gazette: A tiny incentive to burn calories, not gas

Thursday, October 16, 2008
By Brian O’Neill, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I’m 52 and I often ride my bike to work. Had anyone told me when I was a kid that this was my future, I’d have laughed till my tires went flat.

Grown-ups didn’t ride bikes. I have a hazy memory of my mother riding a bike one summer in the ’60s. She just wanted exercise but her children couldn’t have been more surprised had she bolted from her easy chair to do the twist. A few uncertain trips around the block brought enough puzzled looks from neighbors to persuade Mom to put the kickstand down forever.

Times change. Now it’s patriotic to ride a bike and shield at least a few dollars from foreign oil shakedowns. Not only that, cycling to work may soon be worth as much as $20 a month to some workers, thanks to a new tax provision in the bailout bill. Read more»

For an excellent FAQ on the Bike Commuter Tax Provision, click here.

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