Call for Volunteers: Dollar Energy Fund Warmathon


NewsRadio 1020 KDKA and the Dollar Energy fund are looking for Volunteers during a two-day Warmathon/Radiothon February 12th and 13th. Volunteers would ride the “Pedal for Power” bike, as you pedal you will create human energy to keep a light lit above the bike. The goal is to keep the light on for the entire 31 hour event. We are looking for individuals to sign up for an amount of time and come and ride the bike.

What is a Warmathon?

Warmathon is a 31-hour radiothon that will provide KDKA Radio listeners the opportunity to help their neighbors stay warm this winter by supporting Dollar Energy Fund. Dollar Energy Fund provides utility assistance to those in need.

For more information visit WWW.WARMATHON.COM.

Please contact Michelle Prosser, Coordinator of the Dollar Energy Fund: 412-575-2537 or

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