Pennsylvania Bike Summit and Rally: Join us in Harrisburg May 5


We’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Harrisburg this year at the Pennsylvania Bike Summit.  A new statewide cycling advocacy organization, PA Walks and Bikes (of which BikePGH is a founding member) organized this first of its kind event to coincide with the Bicycle Access Council’s official Pennsylvania kickoff of Bike Month.

Ride and Rally, Tuesday May 5

We need you to join us on Tuesday, May 5, to go to Harrisburg and ride to the Capitol for a rally to support cycling in Pennsylvania and improve our current “13th-worst bicycle-friendly state” status.  At 10 am, Representative David Kessler (D-Berks) and Senator Michael O’Pake (D-11) will meet us at the rally on the Capitol steps to usher in Bike Month ’09 by reading their Legislative Resolution as well as a Governor’s Proclamation.  Other Pennsylvania Legislators and officers are also planned to speak.

Visit Legislators

After the rally, you are welcome to join us as we visit our State Legislators to encourage them to support Representative Ron Miller (R-York) and Senator Mike Folmer’s (R-48) respective HB1110 and SB776.  This “safe passing legislation” contains two important pieces: 1) a “4 foot passing law,” requiring motor vehicles to pass cyclists with a minimum of 4 feet, and 2) a law protecting cyclists from the dreaded “right hook,” where a motorist passes a cyclist on the left and turns right into the biker’s path.  So far, there are 38 House sponsors, and 15 Senate sponsors, and we’d like to increase that number.  These laws, in effect in many states across the country, are one of the primary reasons that the League of American Bicyclists ranks our state so low.  In addition, we want to let our State Legislators know that cycling and Livable Streets are important issues to Pennsylvanians.

Note: Please dress in business attire if you are meeting with the General Assembly. If you are using your bike as transportation to the Capitol something a bit less formal may be necessary, but please don’t wear cleats or form-fitting bike clothing (or shorts). We’ve been told by many in the know that a professional appearance is imperative when meeting with elected officials and their staff.

At 1:15 the Bicycle Access Council will present a Bicyclist’s Forum in the nearby Keystone Building that you are encouraged to attend.

If you would like to attend, please register (FREE) for the event online or call 610.779.9702

If you would like to help arrange a car-pool from Pittsburgh, please contact

The Bills:

PA Bike Summit Schedule of Events, Harrisburg, May 5, 2009

  • 8:30 AM:  Assemble At Farm Show Building (230 N Cameron St) directions & parking
  • 9:00 AM:  Ride to Capitol
  • 10:00 AM:  Rally at Capitol (Third & State Streets)
  • Visit offices of Legislators
  • 1:15 PM Bicycle Access Council Forum in the Keystone Building (PUC Hearing Room #3 located on the Plaza Level)

Can’t make it?

If you can’t attend the Bike Ride and Rally, you can still help bring bicycling issues to the forefront in Pennsylvania.


  • Contact your Representative and Senator and tell them that it is important to you that they attend the Rally in support of bicycling in Pennsylvania on May 5th. Email, Phone, or Fax.. This will take just a few minutes.
  • Meet with your Representative and Senator in their district offices and ask them to support HB1110 or SB776 and explain why this legislation is necessary and why bicycling is important to you.  Click here for a sample letter or email.
  • Thank them for their support of issues important to you if they are already co-sponsors.


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