Bike Parking at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, or the lack thereof

The opening weekend of the 50th Three Rivers Arts Festival couldn’t ask for better weather.  With the good weather came cyclists, and scores of them.  Whole families filed in, with kids lined up like ducklings and in tow.  This was for good reason too, because parking a car downtown can be a daunting experience to say the least.  So one would think that, since the TRAF is on the “leading edge of event environmentalism,” they would do all they can to encourage people to ride in.  A half page was dedicated in the program to highlight “green” transportation to the TRAF, and failed to mention the word “bicycle.”

Considering Point State Park recently reopened, this would have been a perfect opportunity to highlight the trail connections that converge on the Point from just about every direction in the City.  Telling people about the car parking at the trail heads would have helped ease the parking strain downtown.  Not to mention, providing a really great family activity.  As the parking garages filled, so did every available thing to lock to.

Let’s take a look at the bicycle parking options at the TRAF.

About two block away, bikes were already locked to a temporary parking sign.  Nothing says security like a movable object that can be disassembled with a simple wrench.


The prospects aren’t looking too good.  Getting closer to the entrance to the festival, there was a barrier giving pedestrians a little more space.  That too was filled to the brim, leaving us to continue on our search.

barrierThe next place we come to was the actual entrance.  Still no room for any more bikes.


Well, gotta keep moving on.  To the left of the entrance, there were some signs next to the highway on ramp.  Maybe there will be space there.

treesNope, every available pole, tree, and sign is taken.  Let’s hope that Point State Park has a good tree doctor to take care of that girdling.  Well, let’s carry our bikes through the crowds of people and continue the search.  Looks like there’s a tent pole to lock to.

tentpoleDrats! Foiled again.

I seem to remember an actual bike rack near the Fort Pitt museum inside the park.  Maybe there will be space there.


Hmmmm.  I think we’re out of luck.  And seeing all of the other people attempting to wade through the crowds with their bicycles, I suspect I’m not the only one.

Looks like Point State Park could use a few bike racks.  I seem to recall a bike rack…one that represents our three rivers that give The Point its shape and its name.

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