What are your thoughts on People vs. Cars in Schenley Park?

Be sure to weigh in on the Schenley Park Master Plan update

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC) published a blog post summarizing last Saturday’s People vs. Cars in Schenley Park Public Meeting.  The meeting was tailored to address the upcoming Parks Master Plan Update that they are working on.

The PPC is asking for your feedback – so be sure to post your ideas and concerns in the comments section of their blog.

Here’s a sample of the post:

Our master plan update meeting for Schenley Park this Saturday was a fascinating look at the complex issue of people vs. cars in the park.  There’s no doubt that the park’s layout presents a safety issue in several places, but any solution would have to consider the many different ways that the park is used.  Here are some of the things we discussed at the meeting:

– Can pedestrian and bicycle safety be improved measurably if the solution doesn’t include installing new traffic lights?  How effective are traffic calming measures like speed bumps/humps, bike lanes, and protected crosswalks?
– Are roundabouts a practical consideration for Schenley Park, and if so, what makes a good roundabout?  (Joe Hackett, from LaQuatra Bonci Associates and the master planning team, considers a “good roundabout” to be “a safe haven for pedestrians and cyclists,” not just a way to slow down traffic.)
– Would better connections within the park increase use by cyclists as an alternative to biking on the roads?  (For example, a connection between the Eliza Furnace Trail and the park’s trails could provide an alternative to some road biking for commuters.)
– Is it possible to balance traffic calming measures with some of the key uses of Schenley Park: i.e., the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and the Carnegie Mellon buggy races (which happened to be taking place the morning of this meeting)?

After discussing these questions, our attendees walked through the park, assessing conditions from Phipps Conservatory to the Panther Hollow Bridge to Frew Street by CMU….

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