It’s Not About the Discounts

. . .  it’s about the Message

We have some pretty awesome businesses in the city. A bunch of them have offered discounts for people who biked to work today. Time flies so they all agreed to make the offers good for at least a week. If you got your discount card/sticker today please pay some of the places a visit. Just show them your card, they’ll know where you got it.

That’s the POWER of biking to work!

It’s not about the 10% or even 50% off, it’s about the fact that people who bike to work want a city that’s better for bicycling. They shop, eat out, work out, and like hard cider. The more businesses that make this connection, the more they’ll identify and champion things that are important to the bicycling community.

Now go out and enjoy yourself!

Thanks for Riding Your Bike Today!

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