Pennsylvania earns terrible grades, grounded till it gets its act together

What would you tell your kid if they came home with a report card showing they flunked three classes, barely passed another, and performed completely average in two others? Suffice it to say, you wouldn’t be happy. Well, that’s what our good old home of PA just did in the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly States rankings. However, because of the truly abysmal state of our sister states in terms of biking, this report card propelled PA from 38th to 25th. It’s time for all of our states to start investing in biking and walking. Thanks to the League for providing this report card. As far as we’re concerned, PA is grounded till its grades start to improve.

C in Legislation
D in Policies & Programs
F in Infrastructure
C in Education & Encouragement
F in Evaluation & Planning
F in Enforcement

Read more about it here.

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