Correction: First Cycle Track in PA Installed in Munhall

Correction: Thanks to the folks who wrote and informed me that this is actually the second cycle track in Pennsylvania. The first is in Connellsville, PA. As much as I hate eating crow, I couldn’t be happier correct this misinformation. It’s fantastic to see trail towns investing in the latest and greatest on-street bikeways to attract and safely accommodate users of all ages and abilities. See below for a Google Street View of the Connellsville two-way cycle track which separates bikers from the cartway by way of concrete curbs.

As the first second on-street physically separated bike lane in Pennsylvania, and Munhall being only one of a handful of cities in North America with two-way cycle tracks, this project is truly significant

Segregated bikeway facilities, also known as cycle tracks, once seen only in countries outside the U.S. have started springing up in cities across America. Now, in what amounts to a total coup, the Borough of Munhall is joining the ranks of cities worldwide implementing this style of “8-80″ street design. The two-way physically separated cycle track is one of the first of its kind outside of major cities (see list below of all the cities in North America we know of that have them), and follow NACTO’s bikeway design guidelines. The brand new, 3000 foot long facility connects the Great Allegheny Passage — the trail that connects Washington D.C. to Pittsburgh, PA —  to the trail at The Waterfront and serves to make conditions safer by taking bicyclists off of the 5-foot sidewalk that had previously been designated as multi-use. The new bikeway now separates bikes from pedestrians and cars. The project was a collaboration amongst the Regional Trail Corporation, Allegheny Trail Alliance, and the Borough of Munhall.

Photos show that as of October 11th, the project is not yet finished. Yet to be installed are bike symbols, signs and reflective candlestick bollards (see mock up below courtesy of NACTO). BikePGH is hopeful that this short cycle track will serve as a showpiece to inspire engineers and transportation planners in the City of Pittsburgh and in municipalities throughout the region.

Here’s a list of the cities we know of in North America with two-way cycle tracks (please let us know of any towns or cities that we may have missed). Munhall, you are in great company!:

Connellsville, PA

Indianapolis, IN

Montreal, QC

Munhall, PA

New York, NY

Portland, OR

Washington, DC

Vancouver, BC

Read even more about two-way cycle tracks on Streetswiki.

Here is the streetview of Connellsville’s two-way cycle track. My apology to Connellsville for not recognizing your efforts till now. I simply was not aware.

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