Urge your PA Senator to pass the “Safe Passing Bill”

 Urge your PA Senator to pass the “Safe Passing Bill”

C in Legislation
D in Policies & Programs
F in Infrastructure
C in Education & Encouragement
F in Evaluation & Planning
F in Enforcement

These are the grades that the League of American Bicyclists gave to Pennsylvania on their state of cycling report card.

A major reason that we scored so poorly is due to the lack of any “safe passing laws” within the PA Motor Vehicle Code. Roughly 8-12% of bicycle crashes are due to motorists misjudging the space required to pass a bicyclist and turning into the path of an approaching bicyclist. To help address this safety concern, 15 states have passed “safe passing bills” to spell out how motorists should drive when approaching a cyclist.

It’s time for Pennsylvania to study up and pass similar legislation.

Your statewide bike advocacy organization, PA Walks and Bikes issued an alert that Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives recently passed a safe passing bill, HB170 sponsored by Representative Ron Miller (R-York).

HB 170 will amend PA’s motor vehicle code to provide the following protections:

  • Every car that passes a bike must give a minimum of 4-feet of clearance
  • It will be against the law for a motor vehicle driver to pass a bicyclist and then turn right (the classic right hook)
  • It will be legal to ride a bike on the public road at less than the minimum speed
  • It will be legal for a driver to pass a bicyclist when it is safe to do so by crossing over a double line

It’s now up to the Pennsylvania Senate to pass HB170 with no amendments.

If you live in Pennsylvania, please contact your state senator and follow up with a phone call to their office.

Take action to help make Pennsylvania’s roads safer for bicycling!

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