Trib: New bill could make drivers give bicycles 4-foot berth

Monday, January 23, 2012

Speeding vehicles have brushed past avid bicyclist Catherine Rigby many times, and she knows riders who have been hit by drivers opening car doors.

The North Side woman, 23, riding her bike through the neighborhood last week, was happy to hear of legislation pending in the state Senate that would require motorists to give bicyclists a 4-foot berth.

“I’m a huge fan of something like that,” said Rigby, who has bicycled all over the United States. “It will get people’s attention. I’m all about awareness and having people think outside the car box.”

Pittsburgh’s narrow neighborhood streets can be hazardous to bicyclists, who for the most part must make their way to major arteries to find marked bike lanes.

Scott Bricker, executive director of Bike Pittsburgh, believes the legislation allows motorists to cross the center line of the road — as long as it’s safe to do so — to give a bicyclist enough space.

“There shouldn’t be any excuse for coming in so close,” Bricker said.

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