Meet the new Car Free Calculator

Greater Pittsburgh Enters the National Bike Challenge

Finally! After months of top-secret development, we are excited to present you with the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge!

This free challenge runs from May 1st to August 31st and will be held as part of a national effort thanks to our collaboration with Kimberly Clark LLC, the League of American Bicyclists, and web developer This nation-wide effort has allowed us to include some pretty incredible features in this new calculator. Participants can compete as individuals, teams of 10, workplaces, cities and states.  And because of the tie to the national challenge, they can see their standing on both local and national levels! There’s even an app that smartphone users can download right from a tab on the homepage to directly track and log the trips you take. Unlike last year, all bike rides count, but a point system is in place that heavily credits daily trips giving people who use bikes for transportation an advantage (+20 points for each day you ride.  +1 for each mile.) Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and ALCO Parking are the sponsors of the local challenge.

This challenge will also serve as the bittersweet bon voyage to our Car Free Calculator as we know it. Despite its clunkyness, it served us well. Together as a city, approximately 500 prople logged over 130,000 miles. Participants simply beat the original Calculator into the ground rendering it unable to properly tally certain totals.

This year we want to take that momentum and show the rest of the country that Pittsburgh is ready for the national stage. That means we’re going to need more people logging more miles than ever before. Sign up today to take part in the pre season to be ready when the real action begins on May 1.

We’ll be holding a series of info sessions to explain the challenge and sign folks up. Keep checking our website for updates on specific dates, times and locations. If you or your business, organization, or neighborhood wants to get involved, you should give us a shout at or 412-325-4334.

Without further ado, join the challenge at! Then grab your bike and some friends, rally your coworker and neighbors, and lets get Pittsburgh to the top of the national leaderboard!

Not a member of BikePGH? Become one today! We need you! Bike Pittsburgh works to protect bicyclists’ rights and promote the vision of making Pittsburgh a truly safe, inviting place ride. For more info, visit: or to donate over and above membership click here.



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