Free Info Sessions on PGH Bike Challenge

Free Info Sessions hosted on PGH Bike Challenge to help you get your employer involved!

With the National Bike Challenge’s official start date of May 1st quickly approaching, Pittsburgh finds itself out at the front of the pack…WAY out in front of the pack! Less than 3 weeks after the national challenge’s announcement PGH has nearly 300 people registered and we’ve logged almost TWICE the distance of any other city in the US – an incredible 19,773 miles! With momentum like that heading into the starting line, I’m sure we’ll find our city quickly sitting atop the rest of the nation – no big deal…

To help Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, businesses and individuals learn how to get involved with the PGH Bike Challenge, BikePGH has two open info sessions coming up at the end of this week. We’ll go over how to use the new site, build and manage your teams, get your co-workers, employees, neighbors, friends or families involved, and strategies to help get you, your team and Pittsburgh to the top of the leaderboards!

April 12th @ 5:00PM- Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership, 4th Floor Conference Room. 925 Liberty Ave. (Refreshments thanks to Penn Brewery and East End Coop)

Register for April 12th – Downtown, Here

April 13th @ 10:00AM- Over the Bar Bicycle Café, 2518 East Carson St. (Light breakfast thanks to OTB)

Register for April 13th – South Side,  Here


And don’t forget one way to be a bike advocate is to sign up for the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge!


Sign up for the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge! Represent Pittsburgh! Invite your friends, form your teams! Help pedal PGH to the top of the national leaderboards! Show people that the hills just make us stronger! To get involved, sign up at:


  • gimpPAC says:

    I’ve been sidetracked by a foot injury but I’m gonna get back to it soon! Go Team PGH!

  • Beth says:

    Go Pittsburgh! BTW, the registration links are reversed.

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