Pedal for Pints and BikePGH at OTB!

Earn a pint of beer each time you reach one of four prize levels during the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge

BikePGH  is excited to announce the Pedal for Pints Pittsburgh Bike Challenge Incentive Program!  Thanks to Over the Bar Bicycle Café, who steps up again to encourage Pittsburgh to get riding, it is now possible to pedal your way to free beer!

As you achieve the challenge’s four medal levels (Bronze-50 points, Silver-150 points, Gold-500 points, Platinum-1500 points) you’ll be met with a congratulatory beer at OTB.  When you first hit the Bronze level, just go to OTB and prove you’re progress on your smartphone or theirs, and they’ll give you a punch card with the four medals on it. The Challenge runs from May 1 through August 31. Sign up now for the pre-season to get a feel for the site. Pedal for Pints begins when the point system is reset on May 1 to officially begin the challenge.

Each time you hit the next medal level you’ll get another punch and another free beer. Once you collect all four punches you’ll put your card with name and phone number into the raffle jar.  After the Challenge concludes on August 31 OTB will host a party to celebrate team Pittsburgh. At the party the punch card of one lucky winner will be drawn to bestow them with a not yet picked, but sure-to-be incredible, grand prize!

Challenge participants earn 20 points for every day they ride and a point for every mile. The point system is set up to reward people who ride every day and not just those who ride a lot of miles. This gives an edge to bike commuters. At the national level each medal level that you achieve gives you a better chance to win and an opportunity to earn bigger prizes. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge today and start pedaling for pints!

*This probably goes without saying, but you must be at least 21 years old to participate.

Car Free Fridays Happy Hours at OTB to benefit BikePGH

To help kick off Car Free Fridays this year on May 18th – Bike to Work Day, and through October, OTB will donate 10% of all Friday sales from 5-7pm to BikePGH. Now in its fourth year Car Free Fridays encourages the region’s residents to reduce the number of single occupant car trips. On Car Free Fridays, which is every Friday, the Capital of Steeler’s Nation is encouraged to use bikes,  feet, transit, ride share, or a combination of modes to get to work and run errands.

Sign up for the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge! Represent Pittsburgh!  Invite your friends, form your teams, and help pedal PGH to the top of the national leaderboards!  Show people that the hills just make us stronger! To get involved, sign up at:


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