Free Bike Commuter 101 Class: May 3rd

Bike Commuter 101: Urban Riding and Maintenance Basics

Get yourself ready for National Bike to Work Day (May 18th) with a free Bike Commuter 101 class this Thursday, May 3rd from 5:30 to 7:00, at the Pittsburgh Green House.

The class will help you utilize bikes as a tool to paint your way through the urban landscape!  BikePGH begins the class with a low-key discussion about riding in Pittsburgh – to work, to shop, to play. We use our  Commuter 101 Guide as the basis of the conversation.  All riders, no matter their experience have a valuable perspective to share and an opportunity to learn. We’ll swap stories and advice to give everyone a better understanding about riding a bike for transportation.

After our discussion the class moves outside to go over some basic maintenance skills – changing tires/tubes, adjusting brakes, seats, handlebars, cleaning your chain – to keep you’re bike in working order.  If possible, we recommend you bring a few basic tools (tire levers, set of allen keys, screw driver, patch kit) so we can get everyone working hands on.

All are welcome to come, learn and teach.

To RSVP fill out the form found Here! Check the box for Bike Commuting 101.  Be sure to look into some of the Pittsburgh Green House’s other great class offerings too!

Email for more info!

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