PG: Bicyclists are the winners in this ‘race’

A video about bike parking corrals from Portland, which installed their first corral in 2004. Portland now has approximately 80 bike corrals

By Kaitlynn Riely / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh may be preparing for a marathon, but on Thursday morning it saw a two-person bike race of sorts.

And according to the participants, they both took first place.

In separate news releases issued within hours of each other Thursday, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Councilman Bill Peduto announced plans to install the first bike corrals — cordoned-off street sections where riders can secure their bikes — within the city.

The Shadyside bike corrals will be Pittsburgh’s first, Mr. Peduto declared.

The first on-street bike corrals in Pittsburgh will be on the South Side, Mr. Ravenstahl announced.

In the battle of the bike corrals, it was a photo finish.

“For us, it’s not a story about who’s first,” said Scott Bricker, executive director of Bike Pittsburgh. “It’s the story about the city becoming more bike-friendly. We’re just happy that there are two elected officials who care about the issues.”

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