Pedal for Pints Program launches today

Join the National Bike Challenge and get free pints at Over the Bar

The much-awaited punch-cards for the Pedal for Pints Rewards have arrived at Over The Bar Bicycle Cafe and they’re ready to start the pints a’pouring.  From now until August 31st, when you earn medals in the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge you can trade them for pints at Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe.  All you have to do is join the challenge and start pedaling.  Your first pint can be earned  after just 3 days of riding.

This initiative was launched by Over The Bar to boost Pittsburgers’ involvement in the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge, a fun effort meant to get more people riding more bikes and experiencing many benefits of riding.  The challenge runs from May 1st to August 31st and is open to all.  For more info, you can check out our announcement of the challenge.

Basic rundown of Pedal for Pints Rewards Program is: as riders (age 21+) gain each of the challenge’s medals (bronze-50 points, silver-150, gold-500, platinum – 1500 points) OTB will congratulate  you a cold one.  Only one pint can be redeemed per day. If you get all four medals your card will be entered into a raffle for the oh-so-secret grand prize to be drawn at the end-of-the-challenge party at OTB. For more details, see this blog post. Because participation is so high, only the rider who earned the medals can drink the beer.  If you don’t drink, or you can’t drink, you can still get your punch and be eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Big thanks to Over The Bar, they’re a huge supporter of BikePGH and we couldn’t do what we do without them.  Sorry things weren’t ready to roll on May 1st; we had to design, print and ship the cards. But really, will anyone really be upset when their sipping their first brew!?

Pittsburgh is closing in on 750 riders, so grab some friends and fill your teams! Pints are on the line!

Sign up for the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge! Represent Pittsburgh!  Invite your friends, form your teams, and help pedal PGH to the top of the national leaderboards!  Show people that the hills just make us stronger! To get involved, sign up at:

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