The National Bike Challenge Heats Up

922 People, 116,000 miles and counting!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the National Bike Challenge so far.  We’re having a blast riding and watching the rivalries heat up between various cities, workplaces, and teams. As of this update Pittsburgh has a respectable 922 participants and just about 120,000 miles logged. Help us reach 1000 Pittsburgh people, Pittsburghers, Pittsburghians, Yinzers, whatever you want to call us, but when we hit a 1000 you can call us awesome! The National Challenge recently surpassed 25,000 people. 

New Prizes: Two new prize sponsors have been added: New Belgium Brewery and Better World Club.  There’s still plenty of time to start riding and logging your miles — and be eligible for the June drawings. The competition runs through August. Prizes are awarded monthly based upon the total number of Challenge points you have accumulated at the end of each month.

Staying Connected: There’s a great community building in the comments section of the National and Pittsburgh Bike Challenge, where people are sharing the highs and lows of their rides, not to mention some observations about how the app can be improved, which we welcome wholeheartedly.   

Pedal for Pints: Mike Kotyk from OTB reports 86 people have signed up and only 82 pints redeemed so far. The staff says, “that customers love it” – no kidding! “Only 82 pints”, obviously Mike wants to give away a lot more beer. Get on down to OTB to redeem yourself . . . needless to say, drink responsibly and ride responsibly.


Sign up for the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge! Represent Pittsburgh!  Invite your friends, form your teams, and help pedal PGH to the top of the national leaderboards!  Show people that the hills just make us stronger! To get involved, sign up at:

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