New Incentive to Register for Pedal PGH by Thursday

Register for Pedal PGH before noon on Thursday and you might win a $500 prize from Cardo.

Cardo is sponsoring Pedal PGH and has provided BikePGH with a set of their communications systems. Systems that are built for cyclists. They work with Bluetooth to allow intercom for up to three riders. You can also use them for your mobile phone, wireless or wired music, and a GPS.

This pair of devices retail for $500, but you can win it if you sign up for Pedal PGH before Thursday at noon. Hmmm…….spend $25 for a great ride and win a $500 gift……seems like an easy thing to do.  Click here to register for PedalPGH and a chance to win!

Click image for more info on PedalPGH

We need you to become a member of BikePGH! We work to protect cyclists’ rights and promote the vision of making Pittsburgh a world-class bicycle and pedestrian friendly city. For more info, visit:

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