Trib: Bike lane to replace several blocks of free parking in Pittsburgh

By Megan Guza

Published: Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 12:01 a.m.

A section of East Carson Street just barely wide enough for two-way traffic and a parking lane is about to become more spacious, though for travelers on two wheels, not four.

The west end of East Carson has evolved into a parking strip along an old stone wall next to the outbound lane, a situation City Planning bike-pedestrian coordinator Stephen Patchan says is unsafe. The city plans to disallow parking along that stretch and designate it a bike lane.

“There’s no sidewalk there,” said Patchan, whose office is coordinating the project. “If you park there, you must wait by your car for traffic and then jaywalk. It’s extremely dangerous. There’s tons of traffic.”

The new bike lane will complement a bike rental facility already planned for East Carson Street. The lane, which will connect the Smithfield Street Bridge and the Hot Metal Bridge, also has in mind the Great Allegheny Passage, which, when finished, will help connect Pittsburgh and Washington.

“Once it’s done, we expect a surge in bikes,” Patchan said. “We want to get them off the trails and into the retail area.”

Read the full article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Get ready for BikeFest, a fifteen-day celebration of bicycling, August 5th-19th. The activities kick off with Pedal Pittsburgh on August 5th’ which includes a car-free section and a finish line festival. On August 10th the Bike Fest Party returns to the Pittsburgh Opera in the Strip District.


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  • Shred303 says:

    Bike lanes replacing free parking, ouch! I estimate this will create quite a few bicycle enemies.

  • mac says:

    It will only create a few enemies for a few moments. The long term benefits, once people adjust, will outweigh the initial ruffled feathers. These benefits extend to pedestrians and motorists, too, by making the road a safer place.

  • julieb says:

    I agree with Mac. There will be plenty of people who will be angry initially, then eventually move on. This is a GREAT move. And, a long time in coming! Bravo!!

  • freakflag51 says:

    I ride in NYC frequently, and believe the hostility towards the bike lanes there is decreasing. Sure, there are people who will never like them, but I like to think that reasonable people will see the advantages the lanes provide to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists, once everyone gets used to them.
    Congratulations to BikePgh for another accomplishment!! You are doing a great job and your advocacy has definitely improved the quality of life in Pittsburgh. THANKS!!!

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