The National Bike Challenge Ends this Friday August 31

 Top finishers in four categories earn trophies

Yes indeed the magnificently crafted miniature Three Rivers Bike Rack trophies in orange will go to this year’s Pittsburgh Bike Challenge leaders in four categories: Individual Rider, Team, Workplace with more than 250 employees, and Workplace 250 employees and less. Winners keep the trophy until a new champion is crowned. The trophies will be awarded at the Pittsburgh Bike Challenge Wrap Party on September 7th.

Our top team so far, Tag o Rama-getters, have a significant lead and will likely take the “Orange”. Currently they’re in 15th place nationally. The Pittsburgh region’s lead rider as of today is Yale Cohen, but Michael Wan is within a couple hearty days of riding to catch the top pedal pusher, who currently ranks 31st in the nation. Carnegie Mellon has emerged as the Pittsburgh workplace with the most steady crew of riders and clocks in at 20th nationally as we pull into the last stretch. Kiku Japanese Restaurant has a firm hold on the Workplaces with under 250 employees category.

The Pittsburgh region has inched our way up the top teams nationally and firmly holds the number 36 position. A strong show at the end could easily put us in the 35 spot. Considering the vast majority of communities ahead of Pittsburgh are much smaller cities and towns we’re in a very respectable position. Milwaukee is the only city of similar size further ahead. Keep in mind team Pittsburgh is pulling the weight of the entire seven county MSA region. If just half of our registered riders would regularly log their miles Pittsburgh would pass the majority of communities ahead of us.

 Log your miles Pittsburgh, let’s finish strong!

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