After 6 months, charges filed in the hit-and-run of the cyclist in Lawrenceville

The wheels of justice move forward in Lawrenceville hit-and-run

Back in May, our intern Dan Yablonsky, was struck and left on the road by a hit-and-run driver in Lawrenceville, a mere block from the BikePGH office. Dan’s bike was found about 2 blocks away from the crash, where it is suspected that the driver got out, pulled the bike from his grill, and tossed it aside, even though he claims that he thought he hit a dog or a deer.  The driver, who’s mother turned him in the following day, had been driving on a suspended license for previous DUIs.

After a 6-month wait, just yesterday, police filed charges on the driver, Beau Fishinger. In the meantime, Dan is miraculously back to work in our office, while still undergoing major recovery and therapy.

Hopefully these charges will be the thing that keeps the repeat offender Beau Fishinger from getting behind the wheel ever again.

Below are links to articles in various news sources reporting on the arrest.

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