PG: Drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians can take the high road to safety

Nice article summarizes: Don’t drive, bike, or walk like a jerk

By Annie Siebert  / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Cyclists captured Pittsburgh’s attention this summer after two bicyclists were killed and one was gravely injured in hit-and-runs and another was brutally attacked. Another cyclist was injured on Tuesday after being sideswiped by a driver who fled the scene. In comments on news websites, letters to the editor, tweets and Facebook posts, Pittsburghers offered their opinions on cyclists, drivers and the rules of the road.

Some of those comments make it sound as though the world contains only two kinds of people: bicyclists and drivers.

Some criticized cyclists for zipping through stop signs or red lights and otherwise failing to follow the law. Cyclists and their advocates lamented distracted drivers and speeding cars making the roads unsafe for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike.

Scott Bricker, executive director of Bike Pittsburgh, said some drivers view cyclists as just another obstacle — “the equivalent of a moving pothole.”

“We’re not being seen as human beings just trying to get where we’re going,” he said.

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