Don’t Forget To Use Your BikePGH Member Discounts

Support the businesses that support a more bike and ped friendly Pittsburgh

We Offer Bike Pittsburgh Members a Discount ImageBikePGH values your membership, and so do many retailers, restaurants, and service providers throughout Pittsburgh. Along with an individual membership to BikePGH we offer you discounts to over 30 businesses in the area, so be sure to carry your card, and look out for this image on retailers’ registers:

When you received your membership card in the mail, we included a green paper with the list of discounts; if it has been lost or tossed, click on the image to take you to an online discount list, or check out the FREE iPhone app Greenstack. Greenstack is a location-based app that allows you to easily find your member benefits while out shopping or dining.

In addition to using your BikePGH Membership Card discounts during the holiday season for gift shopping, your member discounts can be especially handy for year-round discounts on bicycle parts and maintenance. Connect with your local bike shop, coffee shop, clothing store and more to show them your appreciation and support for safer streets by using your BikePGH Membership Card when making a purchase.

Are you a business owner or do you know a business owner who would like to see Pittsburgh continue to transform into a more biking and walking accessible city? Contact about offering a discount to BikePGH members, or consider becoming a BikePGH Business Member!

Not a member of BikePGH and want to get in on these great deals? Join today! Your membership helps us to succeed in our mission of transforming our streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places. For more info, check out:

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