Pittsburgh’s growing on-street bike infrastructure 2012, animated

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17 more miles of bike lanes and sharrows added in 2012

Since 2007, we’ve worked with the City to install a number of on-street bike markings, which include bike lanes and shared lane markings, or “sharrows.” The above map shows the installation of these facilities in the order that they were put in.

The map shows the growing connections that are made by these on-street markings. Sometimes, the road is too narrow, or the project is too costly, so the City uses sharrows to establish the route and connection. Eventually, similar to what happened on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield, the sharrows may become legit bike lanes, assuming there is physical space, money and political will for change.

In 2012, the City added about 17 miles of bike lanes (6.7 miles) and/or sharrows (10.5) on Brighton Ave and East Ohio St in the Northside, Millvale Ave and Friendship Ave in Bloomfield, Neville St in Oakland, Butler St in Lawrenceville, East Carson St in the South Side, Ellsworth Ave in Shadyside, and Thomas, Reynolds, Meade and Homewood in Point Breeze. See the BikePGH History page for details.

This brings the citywide totals to:

  • 29 miles of streets that have markings
  • 52 miles of total bike lanes or sharrows (2-way streets are counted both directions)…
  • …of which 28 miles of bike lanes
  • …and 24 miles of sharrows

When you add in the trails, the connections become even clearer. It also shows the areas that are lacking connections, most notably, the gap in the center of the East End as well as Oakland.

Below you can see the difference between the end of 2011 and the end of 2012.


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