Take Action: Tell the Candidates That You Want Safe Streets



#race4pgh #bikewalkvote

We need our next mayor to invest significantly in the programs and infrastructure that will transform our streets and communities into healthy, vibrant places that are safe and accessible for everyone to bike and walk. Sign the petition and tell the candidates you want to put an end to dangerous driving, that you want to make it safe for Pittsburghers to bike or walk to school and work, and that you want our city to compete with all the other world-class cities investing in better bikeways and pedestrian facilities. This election could be determined by a small margin of votes. Let’s show the candidates that we are those votes!

We want the Mayoral candidates to pledge to make Pittsburgh more livable for everyone, by making our streets and communities safe and inviting for biking and walking.

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#race4pgh #bikewalkvote

Note: Some people chose to not have their names publicly displayed, so actual number of signers is much higher than shown above.

wevoteRegister to vote for the Tuesday, May 21 primary by April 22! There’s a good chance that Pittsburgh’s next Mayor will be decided in May’s Democratic Primary.  A supportive mayor is the difference between expanding on bike-friendly initiatives or a halt. Show the candidates that biking and walking issues are popular, and can even swing an election!


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