Opinion in the Post-Gazette: Bike-sharing is just the start

bikeshareBy Wayne S. Balta, IBM senior location executive for Pittsburgh
March 27, 2013

Earlier this month, the city of Pittsburgh unveiled plans for a system that will allow residents and visitors to share hundreds of bicycles between at least 50 points throughout the area.

This initiative is admirable in its own right, as such a program will promote healthy habits, strengthen tourism, reduce pollution and improve social bonds. But when also viewed in the context of a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to transportation, it is a harbinger of other measures that will benefit economic development, tourism and quality of life.

The bike program was made public the same week as other transportation initiatives were publicly discussed by the city. Many were consistent with a study conducted by IBM. Our company spent nearly one month here last year performing a pro bono Smarter Cities Challenge consulting engagement for the city, during which we analyzed Pittsburgh’s transportation needs. IBM then submitted detailed recommendations for implementing innovative transportation-related programs. The city recently posted our suggested blueprint.

Read the full article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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