Membership Discount. Save 20% at West Liberty Cycles

All BikePGH members receive 20% off any in stock regular price item of their choosing at West Liberty Cycles, April 13th through April 30th.


Are you a card-carrying member of BikePGH? If not, join today! We are a membership-based organization, and you help give us a greater voice for bicycling and walking advocacy in the City of Pittsburgh.  BikePGH’s mission is transforming our streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places by making them safe and accessible for everyone to bike and walk.  If our mission is not persuasive enough, perhaps this special discount event that West Liberty Cycles has so generously offered to host for BikePGH might convince you!  YourNameHere

Bring your valid membership card with you to West Liberty Cycles to receive 20% off on any single regular price item of your choice. If you lost your membership card or it has yet to arrive, please contact or bring proof of your membership donation.

In addition to this special sale, many local businesses offer regular discounts to BikePGH members, and they aren’t limited to Bikes, but also include Health & Wellness, Food & Drink, and Life!   Visit see what our business supporters offer.

West Liberty Cycles is located at 2693 W. Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216.  Just a few blocks off of the Stevenson T stop in Dormont, West Liberty Cycles is easy to get to using public transit. Check out their webpage

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