June 14, 7:00pm. An Evening with “Lost Cyclist” author David Herlihy

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Don’t miss event this Friday, June 14

As part of Frank Lenz Day on Sat June 15th, BikePGH is excited to announce that David Herlihy, author of The Lost Cyclist, a book the New York Times says is “a view from the helmet cam in the days before helmet cams.”  Cyclists and historians alike will enjoy this incredible turn-of-the-century story about a Pittsburgher named Frank Lenz, a renowned high-wheel racer and long-distance tourist who dreamed of cycling around the world. He finally got his chance by recasting himself as a champion of the downsized “safety-bicycle” with inflatable tires, the forerunner of the modern road bike that was about to become wildly popular. In the spring of 1892 he quit his accounting job and took off on his bike as a correspondent for Outing magazine.

Two years into his journey, Lenz disappeared in Turkey during the start of a chain of atrocities that eventually led to the Armenian genocide.  His disappearance initiated a massive hunt for him, which even affected diplomatic relations.  Lenz managed to capture the imagination of the whole country during this interesting time in history when the bicycle was the most advanced form of independent, personal transportation.

Author David Herlihy, who wrote Bicycle: The History, explores what it was like to be an adventurer and traveler in the times before the automobile on the newfangled mechanical device called the bicycle.

June 14 Pittsburgh’s Lost Cyclist

An Evening with David Herlihy

Location:  The Brew House Art Gallery.
2100 Mary Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203

Time: 7:00pm

Cost: Free


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