Segment of Three Rivers Heritage Trail to Close Temporarily for Construction



PITTSBURGH, Pa. – (August 2, 2013) Friends of the Riverfront announces a temporary interruption of the Hazelwood portion of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail effective August 5, 2013.The current two mile segment of trail connects a trailhead facility at Hazelwood Avenue through the ALMONO site to the Hot Metal Bridge. The trail segment is planned to be inaccessible for several months as initial earth moving work begins on the entire site.  This initial stage of work will enable redevelopment of the entire site and contributing to an economic boost for the neighborhood and city.

Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC), managers of the ALMONO site, worked closely with Friends of the Riverfront to place the trail in conjunction with the early phases of the redevelopment of the former LTV Steel property known as the ALMONO site. Thomas Baxter, Executive Director of Friends of the Riverfront stated, “temporary interruption in trail connectivity is expected as the site moves into construction. RIDC understands how important an asset the trail is to the community and region and are working with Friends of the Riverfront to design and build a safe alternative through the site once again connecting Hazelwood with the Pittsburgh region.”

Complete details of this temporary trail closure and potential realignment including design and an estimated time table for development may be found on the Trail Status page at keyword Hazelwood Trail.  During this temporary closure period and for the safety of all trail users, Friends of the Riverfront asks that all trail users respect the closure and not venture onto the closed segment of the trail. Site security patrols will be in place during construction.


About Friends of the Riverfront

Founded in 1991, Friends of the Riverfront is dedicated to the development, expansion, promotion, and stewardship of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail and Three Rivers Water Trail in the Pittsburgh region.

The twenty-two year old membership-based nonprofit is committed to increasing awareness and engagement with the Pittsburgh region’s rivers and riverfronts through activities, stewardship and expansion of land and water trails. Friends of the Riverfront works tirelessly throughout Allegheny County to reconnect communities with the rivers and riverfronts. The organization has been instrumental in the development and stewardship of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail — a dedicated biking, hiking, and walking trail around Pittsburgh. Extending over 24 miles along both sides of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers, it is an almost complete public route for cyclists, walkers, runners, and in some places roller bladers. Over thirty more miles are planned, including continuation along the Allegheny River as part of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance. Friends of the Riverfront is also the water trail manager of the Three Rivers Water Trail, a network of non-motorized craft access points in the Pittsburgh region.

Once a year, Friends of the Riverfront highlights use of both trails by hosting the Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race, more information can be obtained by visiting

Information about the Three Rivers Water Trail, Three Rivers Heritage Trail, and Friends of the Riverfront can be found at, by calling 412-488-0212, or by joining Friends of the Riverfront’s social network on Facebook and Twitter.

About RIDC

RIDC is recognized as one of Pennsylvania’s largest and most successful private, not-for-profit economic development corporations. Since 1955, RIDC has been active in the development of urban and suburban business parks in the ten counties of southwestern Pennsylvania. The mission of the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern Pennsylvania is to catalyze and support economic growth and high quality job creation through real estate development and finance of projects that advance the public interest. Through public, private, and institutional partnerships, RIDC develops real estate to ensure the region can capture emerging and existing growth opportunities across diverse industry sectors. In addition, RIDC acts as a loan sponsor on behalf of business enterprises throughout the region with a variety of city, county, state and federal agencies.


The ALMONO Limited Partnership (“ALMONO”) was created in 2001 to acquire and redevelop the 178-acre former LTV Steel Coke Works and Eliza Furnace properties, as well as those of the Monongahela Connecting Railroad, in the Hazelwood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. ALMONO seeks to create a global model for urban brownfield redevelopment by combining elements of environmental, financial and socio-economic sustainability in a market-driven regional development. The ALMONO Partnership recently completed a Master Plan for the site to facilitate the implementation of this vision.  Four regional foundations came together to form the ALMONO Partnership with the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwest Pennsylvania (RIDC) serving as the general partner for the development.

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