Get the Most National-Bike-Challenge-Bang for Your BikeFest-Buck

Insiders Guide to Picking BikeFest Rides for More National Bike Challenge Points

BikeFest2013_SQUAREFriday, August 9th marks the kickoff of BikeFest, a three week celebration of all things BIKE in Pittsburgh – lots of rides, events, and 2-wheeled fun. But as the National Bike Challenge enters the homestretch of competition, you might be looking for some last chance opportunities to rack up your point totals.

To provide our fellow Pittsburgh pedalers with the inside scoop on rides with big miles that you can log for big National Bike Challenge Points, we’ve compiled a list of some of the longer BikeFest rides – but look at each rides description, because long doesn’t necessarily mean hard.  Some rides move at a slower, no-drop pace where only goal is for a good time.NBC challenge button

August 10th @ 9:00am – Venture Outdoors Urban Bike Tour – Easy

This ride will cruise through PGH’s riverfront trails, checking out some interesting landmarks and learning the history of the 3 Rivers Heritage Trail.

August 10th @ 9:00am – Lots of Green: Bus+Bike Tour

See some of PGH’s most interesting urban gardening projects on this tour hosted by GTECH & GrownPGH where speed is not the goal.

August 11th @ 10:30am – The Pinball Ride!

Ride to the 16th Annual World Pinball Championships.  Need I say more? Find out what its all about. You’ll have a ball.

August 11th @ 11:00am – The Royal Rumble

50 Miles. 5000 Feet of climbing.  This ride/allycat race will be long and hard, but you’ll get to see some seldom seen parts of the Northside. Enter with a friend & join the Rumble.

August 14th @ 6:30pm – 4 Tunnel Tour

Join the Major Taylor Crew to explore the small tunnels that connect Pittsburgh to neighboring suburbs.

August 17th @ 8am – The Every Pittsburgh Neighborhood Ride

Arguably the hardest ride during BikeFest.  These adventurous riders set out at 8am with one goal in mind: to see every neighborhood in Pittsburgh.  You can join the 75 mile ride for free & choose between the fast group and the slow group. Good luck!

August 17th @ 11am – 12 Bridges, 3 Rivers, 21 Miles

The name says it all.  Come on this ride and you’ll see it all; 12 bridges & 3 rivers over 21 miles.

August 25th – PedalPGH – 20th Anniversary
Follow the link to buy your tickets.  This is going to be a ride for the history books, make sure to get your tickets to be part of the action.

Remember during BikeFest that EVERY DAY your ride, you earn points for the National Bike Challenge.  Log your miles, and have fun using BikeFest to explore Pittsburgh by bicycle!

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Officially kicking off on May 1 and ending September 30, this free and friendly competition encourages people throughout the Pittsburgh region to get out and ride, whether as daily commuters, weekend warriors, or somewhere in between.


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