KDKA VIDEO on BikePGH’s new awareness campaign for drivers

Bicyclists Hope To Share The Road With Motorists

Will Groves doesn’t just ride a bike, he depends upon it.

For the young Duquesne University graduate and bar manager, it’s his primary mode of transportation over the streets of Pittsburgh.

“It’s been everything,” Goves said. “It’s how I get to work at least three days a week. It’s what I do for fun. I mountain bike and road bike.”

And a new bus shelter and billboard campaign is aimed at showing that Groves is not alone.

BikePGH is featuring a nurse, a carpenter, a student, a priest — even Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Antonio Brown — in a plea to drivers to be cautious and alert cyclists.

See the full article with video on the KDKA website

To see the new awareness campaign, check out bikepgh.org/care


This campaign is just getting started with only four billboards and 15 bus shelters. We hope to buy much more media including bus ads, and potentially taking it to TV. Please click the donate button to support this effort or click on the Become a Member button in the upper right hand corner. Thank you!


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  • gimpPAC says:

    I saw this on Fifth near the Birmingham Bridge on my commute to the South Side! Awesome. :)

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