Trib: Man pleads guilty to critically injuring bicyclist in hit-and-run

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An image of Beau Fishinger’s vehicle after he hit Dan. Click the image to watch the video to learn about Dan’s crash that altered his life forever

In May 2012 our SCA Green Cities Fellow, Dan Yablonsky, was almost killed by Beau Fishinger who was most likely driving under the influence with an already suspended license for prior DUIs. He hit Dan in his Jeep, fracturing Dan’s pelvis, legs, arm, tore his aorta, and then did the unthinkable. He drove away. Today Beau Fishinger was sentenced to an additional 1-2 years (on top of his current 2-5 year sentence he is serving for a related matter) and 7 years probation along with needing to pay $60,000 in fines and restitution for the destruction he caused and the life he nearly took.

Read more about the verdict here:

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  • PittsburghDan says:

    Lack of good public transportation in Pittsburgh is one of the many reasons we see this stuff happening. We realize that there are many variables and it happens everywhere, but this sucks. Our new business opens here next month and we hope to try and curb some of this. launches with our new bike in October. Let’s get people having fun and drinking without getting behind the wheel.

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