Trib: Pittsburgh Bike Share Partnership awaits corporate sponsor

By David Conti

Published: Sunday, Sept. 8, 2013

Six months since Pittsburgh leaders announced plans to start a bike-share program, organizers have collected $600,000 from foundations and are showing a proposed map of 50 station locations to neighbors.

They have not secured a corporate sponsor, which the Pittsburgh Bike Share Partnership must have before it puts 500 rentals on the street by August.

Organizers say they’re not worried.

“The talks have been going really well,” Bike Pittsburgh Executive Director Scott Bricker said. He said discussions have included several corporations, none of which he would identify. “We haven’t inked a deal.”

The system provides bikes for short-term rentals, allowing people to travel between stations. Riders pay by credit card to undock a bike from one station then dock it at another station.

“We have those spots where you don’t need a car, but it’s too far to walk,” said Wanda Wilson, executive director of the Oakland Planning and Development Corp. “It’s really geared toward those shorter-term uses, not to provide a recreational amenity.”

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