WESA: BikePGH Reveals Vision for ‘Better Bikeways’

By Jessica Nath

Bike Pittsburgh is pedaling toward a vision of Pittsburgh where cyclists have their own space to ride safely.

This can be done with bikeways, or passages made specifically for bicyclists to ride.

Scott Bricker, BikePGH executive director, said the lack of bikeways in Pittsburgh present many challenges to bicyclists.

“We don’t have a lot of our own space in which to maneuver, people feel a lot safer when they’re separated from fast moving cars … predominately, the majority of motorists do respect bicyclists on the road, there is a minority that’s often taking our lives in their hands,” he said.

BikePGH’s “Better Bikeways” vision would prevent these issues by separating the cyclists from traffic and sidewalks.

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Check out the Better Bikeways Vision

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