Northside Cyclist Uses Creativity to Raise Funds from His Bike Crash

Daniel McCloskey Kickstarts TOP of the LINE:A Monster Fighting Comic! 

dan mDaniel is the founder of the Cyberpunk Apocalypse writers’ project, which is based out of his house on the Northside. His latest project, Top of the Line: A Monster Fighting Comic!, is a story about a boy growing into a hero and in the process becoming a terrible bigoted man. The unexpected medical expenses  from the crash set him back bit, but he’s ready to pick up where he left off and is determined to see his latest project through.

The Kickstarter Campaign started November 14th and ends December 7th. He’s raised $1848 of the $6500 to fund the project. To promote the campaign he’s hosting a Top of the Line Drawathon: a 24 hour online drawing marathon of prizes. It started today at noon and ends tomorrow (11/21/13) at 12:00 PM. “This is a fundraiser to [buy] some time as I finish the series,” he says in his appeal.


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