Pittsburgh Magazine: Getting Around in the 24 Hour City

PGH officials take heed of BikePGH’s Better Bikeways Vision

Yesterday in Pittsburgh Magazine, Joe Grata released an article titled “Getting Around in the 24-Hour City” about the future of transportation in Pittsburgh under the leadership of Mayor Bill Peduto & County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.  Their ideas for strengthening transit options, building pedestrian-friendly streets, & expanding the city’s network of protected bikeways paint an exciting picture of where (and how) our city is going under their leadership. It is encouraging to see that Peduto & Fitzgerald are taking heed of BikePGH’s Better Bikeways Vision, and that building complete streets in Pittsburgh is a high priority for their administrations.

 Getting Around in the 24-Hour City

By Joe Grata

transit bus feb14

Photo by Chuck Beard

Imagine commuting to downtown from East Liberty via the Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway — not on a bus but on your bike.

Or sipping a latte at a patio table in the middle of Smithfield Street, where a noisy, smelly parade of cars, trucks and buses has been replaced by boutiques and shade trees.

Or boarding a comfy bus for an express trip to the heart of Oakland during the afternoon rush.

They’re all unique ideas Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and new Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto are spinning into a forward-looking 21st-century transportation plan.

All aboard?

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Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.14.28 AMBikePGH’s Better Bikeways Vision stresses that Pittsburgh’s bike routes must be interconnected, safe, attractive, and comfortable in order to appeal to people of all ages, especially those who are interested in riding a bike but concerned for their safety. Learn more about BikePGH’s Better Bikeways Vision.

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