Update: False Alarm in Police Search for Missing Bicyclist struck on Ohio River Blvd. Cyclist OK

orbA shot of Ohio River Blvd, near the McKees Rocks Bridge

This is a developing story.

According to KDKA: Police are looking for a bicyclist after he or she was hit by a truck near the McKees Rocks Bridge.

It happened before 6 a.m. on Ohio River Boulevard near the bridge at the Pittsburgh-Bellevue border.

The driver was in a red truck.

Ohio River Boulevard is closed in both directions while police continue to look for the cyclist.

One source says the cyclist was hit by the mirror of the passing truck.

We’ll be updating this blog post as the story develops.

Update 11:00

Update 11:20

Update 12:15
From KDKA:
The driver was in a box truck and allegedly hit a male on a bicycle. In fact, the driver was adamant that he hit someone, saying the cyclist became airborne, despite the fact that the victim was nowhere in sight.
But the only thing at the scene was debris, including a bike seat…After three hours, a witness told police he saw the cyclist ride away after being hit. The Cyclist’s family also reportedly called police to say he is fine.

…And finally from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
No one was injured this morning in an incident involving a bicycle and another vehicle in Bellevue that closed Ohio River Boulevard for several hours.

A McKees Rocks teenager was riding his bike back from the Bellevue McDonald’s early this morning when he slipped and fell off his bike on the highway, also known as Route 65, just before 6 a.m., said Bellevue police clerk Fred Fisher.

“He slid on some ice or mud or something and his bike went into traffic, and he fell on the sidewalk,” he said.

The teenager, whose name and age were not available, picked up his bike and rode away, Mr. Fisher said. The driver of the vehicle thought he’d hit someone, prompting police to comb the area for hours in search of an injured cyclist.

The highway, closed about 4 1/2 hours, reopened to traffic late this morning.

What a strange, bizarre story.

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