Guilty verdict on all accounts in Southside stabbing case

Victim, Colin Albright talks of the verdict.

A jury found Anthony Scholl Jr., 23, guilty on all counts, including attempted homicide in the 2012 attack of a Colin Albright on city steps in the South Side.

Both sides gave their closing arguments this morning before the jury began deliberations in the case against Mr. Scholl, who was charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment for the Sept. 5, 2012, attack.

Colin Albright was riding his bike across the Hot Metal Bridge, when Mr. Scholl told police the cyclist cut him off in his car. Mr. Scholl became enraged, parked his car and then raced up some city steps where he caught up to Mr. Albright.

Mr. Albright was stabbed repeatedly in the neck, and had his throat slashed. Several of the wounds would have been fatal had they been a millimeter or two deeper or to the side.

Read the full article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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