Give BikePGH a Makeover! Vote for us in the IKEA Life Improvement Challenge

Vote BikePGH for an $8,500 office makeover!


Our cavernous office needs a better furniture setup and lighting for our great volunteers and interns.

The BikePGH staff could use more storage and desk space.

The front area is in dire need of seating,

And our meeting room looks like sad, abandoned office where someone moved out and left us a table.

The BikePGH office needs a makeover and you can help!

Click here to vote for BikePGH to win an all-expense-paid trip to the all-inclusive Swedish furniture-spa, IKEA.

We were selected to be one of three non-profits competing in the IKEA Life Improvement Challenge for $8,500-worth of furniture, storage, lighting and organizational tools to help us get our office in shape. With your vote you can make it happen! You can enter 1 vote per day until next Friday, March 28th midnight Monday, March 31st (So set your alarms and reminders!)

Last April, when we finished our month-and-a-half-long move to a new office on 43rd St., we had to get right to work preparing a year’s-worth of outreach, education, advocacy and events. By now we’ve unpacked most of the boxes. and cleaned up most of the drywall dust, but we haven’t had the time or funds to make the space really work for us.

We have big dreams of designing the space to function well for community meetings, educational programs, and other events. But dreams and budgets don’t always hold hands.  By voting for BikePGH in the IKEA Life Improvement Challenge, you’re giving us a chance to make those two meet and overhaul the hub of Pittsburgh’s bicycling community.

(and besides, who doesn’t like a make over?)

Click here and take 30 seconds to vote!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.14.28 AMBikePGH’s Better Bikeways Vision stresses that Pittsburgh’s bike routes must be interconnected, safe, attractive, and comfortable in order to appeal to people of all ages, especially those who are interested in riding a bike but concerned for their safety. Learn more about BikePGH’s Better Bikeways Vision.

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