Lawrenceville Bike/Ped Advisory Committee to Host 1st Community Meeting

LBPAC holds their first open community meeting this Thursday, April 3rd, at BikePGH office

805561-304The Lawrenceville Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is a group of neighborhood advocates who came together to inform and support different community groups seeking to make bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements in Lawrenceville. Thursday, April 3th will be the committee’s first community planning meeting where they will outline initial priorities for making the neighborhood’s streets safer for residents to bike and walk.

If you’re a Lawrenceville community member, and safe walking and biking are important to you, join LBPAC by coming to Thursday’s meeting to share your input.

Contact LBPAC President Will Bernstein for more details.

Meeting Agenda
Lawrenceville Bike and Pedestrian Committee
Thursday April 3, 6:00pm-7:30pm

  1. Introductions

  2. Brief overview of LBPC

    1. Mission, goals

    2. Activities to date

  3. Remarks from participating community groups

    1. Lawrenvcevilel United

    2. Lawrenceville Corporation

    3. BikePGH

  4. Review of past resources & community work

    1. Lawrenceville community plan

    2. Community member traffic calming study

    3. Lawrenceville parking study

    4. Main/Fisk/40th suggestions

    5. PlanPGH

  5. Map activity to identify areas of focus

  6. Discussion of potential work plan/committee projects. Examples include:

    1. bike parking

    2. bike share

    3. Arsenal Park

    4. outreach – businesses, community groups, residents, elected officials

    5. green boulevard

    6. enforcement

    7. events

See you Thursday, bring your own ideas!

[ezcol_2third]“With Bike Pittsburgh going strong—boasting a bigger membership than the city’s Democratic Committee—they’re making great strides. That type of organization is needed in every city. They make it easy for elected officials to join on.” –Mayor Bill Peduto (Source: Streetsblog USA)[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end]


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  • BethanyPGH says:

    This meeting will be at the BikePGH office at 188 43rd Street, Suite 1.

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