Your Employees and Customers are riding those bikes!

Why Businesses should support BikePGH’s Drive With Care Indiegogo Campaign: Your employees and customers are riding those bikes!

Bike Pittsburgh is trying to remind Pittsburgh drivers of that fact with a new crowd-funding campaign. The Drive With Care campaign features a carpenter, a priest, a nurse, two children, and wide receiver Antonio Brown — all real Pittsburghers who like to ride bikes.

The Drive With Care Indiegogo Campaign will take our message directly to where it needs to be seen – on Pittsburgh’s streets. Bike Pittsburgh has until April 20, 2014 to meet our $50,000 goal so we can purchase the media needed in order to reach hundreds of thousands of people with this message. Thus far over 200 individuals have contributed over $21,000, including a $5000 donation from PeopleForBikes, the organization responsible for the popular Green Lane Project that Pittsburgh was recently awarded!

We’ve seen a great influx of people riding bikes in Pittsburgh over the years. With many more people riding to work and to run errands, it is of greater importance than ever that we broadcast a message of humanity where drivers will see and internalize it. Between the hit-and-runs of the past two years leaving our friends and co-workers for dead on the side of the road, and the daily aggressions people on bikes encounter just getting to work, it is clear that people who drive need to be reminded that they have the power to make our streets safer for everyone!

Please contribute to the Drive With Care Indiegogo Campaign and help spread the word! Share the campaign on social media, and help us meet our goal. The short link to share is: Make it known that you want your employees, customers, and friends who ride bicycles to get home safely!

Billboard slide.editBike Pittsburgh loves ours neighbors – after all, we’re Pittsburghers ourselves – and believes the best way to address this problem is to remind them that bike riders are members of the community, people who deserve to get home safely.

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