How to host a Business Bike to Work Day Event

The basic outline for a successful workplace Bike to Work Day event

btwdPoster2014wLogosMay is a beautiful month: winter is long gone, Spring is in full swing. All of this new beauty and desire to get outside has thousands across the country celebrating May as National Bike Month.

For businesses, National Bike Month culminates on the 3rd Friday: Bike To Work Day.  This year Bike to Work Day will be on May 16th.  For the past 7 years BikePGH has been organizing all sorts of programs to celebrate and encourage people riding bikes for transportation.  This year we will be expanding our programing and further assisting businesses with bringing to celebration into the workplace to build a workplace culture that supports biking.

Here’s how a successful event is done:

1. Promotion

Start promoting Bike to Work Day on May 1st (tie it in with an announcement that the business is starting a team in the National Bike Challenge for all employees). Hang up posters in the common areas. Include information in your newsletter. Promote the fact that employees can host or join Neighborhood Bike Trains (group bike commutes into work).

2. Provide educational materials

Make sure you build an educational component into your company Bike to Work Day event.  Stock up on Pittsburgh Bike Maps and Urban Biking Companions; display them in common areas.  Hold an Urban Biking Forum to give employees the chance to discuss and answer any questions about what it takes to ride in the city – or direct them to the free commuter class at the East End Co-op on May 7th from 6:30 to 8!

3. Reminder email(s)

Send at least one email before May 14th reminding employees: A) Bike to Work Day is the coming Friday, May 16th. B) They can join a Neighborhood Bike Train (routes will be posted early May). C) they can stop by BikePGH’s 5 pop-up Commuter Cafés for discounted BikePGH memberships and free snacks. D) Your business is hosting your own Commuter Café for bike riders! Which brings us to the all important 4th step…

4. Feed them!

For many employees, this might be the first time they’ve ridden a bike to work, and thats special! Help everyone celebrate with some eatables when they get into the workplace. Bagels, doughnuts, coffee; the spread doesn’t have to be extravagant.  Just something to let them know the business supports them.

You business can always roll a Bike to Work Day event in with a big company announcement for biking: that you’re joining the National Bike Challenge, that you’re installing new bike parking, or that you’re pursuing local or national Bike Friendly Employer certification!

Bikes mean business! You can use them to promote wellness, increase sustainability and attract/retain productive talent.  Hosting events like Bike to Work Day shows that your business supports biking and builds a more bike friendly workplace culture. If you have any questions on involvement, contact

Our Bike Friendly Employers receive a “Bike to Work Day Care Package” that helps businesses provide each of these points.  Learn how to become a Bike Friendly Employer here.

bikepghbusinessoptionsBikes are good for business, good for our city, and good for you. The diversity and success of our business partners proves this time and time again.  Whether you’re an employee, a small business owner, or a multi-national corporation, we want you to show that in Pittsburgh, bikes mean business. Join today.

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