Negley Run Blvd goes on a “road diet” and Sharrows on Morewood Ave


Negley Run Blvd road diet and sharrows on Morewood Ave

negley runThe City recently repaved Negley Run Blvd, and added bike lanes. The once four lane road was right-sized to a two lane road with buffered bike lanes, connecting directly to East Liberty Blvd.

While the eastern side still terminates at the dangerous Washington Blvd, it does get people on bikes closer to the popular Bud Harris Cycling Track, a public cycling oval with banked turns. One can simply cut through the parking lots of the police station to get to the facility without using Washington Blvd.  Also, a trail system is emerging in Highland Park, and this gets folks one step closer to a connection. Click on the map to enlarge.

Taking the long-view, this will be an important connection for the proposed Allegheny River Green Boulevard bike path, which would connect to downtown along the southern edge of the Allegheny River. There is also talk of adding bike lanes in the future conversion of the former Penn Circle to two-way traffic, creating a nice connection to this network, Friendship Ave, and points west.

Shared Lane Markings on Morewood Ave

morewood3Also in the network, shared lane markings, or “sharrows” are being added to Morewood Ave, connecting Forbes Ave at Carnegie Mellon University to the bike lanes on Millvale Ave in Bloomfield.

This is a welcome addition on the narrow street that serves as the primary connection to/from CMU into the surrounding neighborhoods of Shadyside and Bloomfield.

Thanks City of Pittsburgh DPW!

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