Bike to Work Day – Bloomfield to Oakland


Becca’s Ride.

A short jaunt from Bloomfield to Oakland.

I really enjoy my ride from Bloomfield to Oakland. It’s short and there are plenty of bike lanes along the route. At just under two miles, you can also ride at virtually any pace and still arrive in Oakland in little time. Come ride along!

  1. Starting on Friendship Avenue at Pearl Street, head towards Friendship Park following the sharrows that quickly turn into a nice bike lane!
  2. Turn right at Millvale Avenue and then cross over Liberty Ave during the long green light. As you ride along Millvale, the bike lanes begin again; continue in the lane across the little bridge to the light at Baum Blvd. The street is a bit busier with the PNC and Pep Boys ahead on your right and Chipotle on the left, but stick to the lane and continue on Millvale with the green light. I often see other people riding bikes at this light, so you’ll likely have company!
  3. At the next light you’ll turn right onto Centre Ave. You’ll only ride on it for one block and while it’s a bit busier, just take the lane and the cars know to give you space.
  4. The following light is Neville Ave. You’ll turn left onto the tree-lined, residential Neville, away from the Busway.
  5. Turn right at your first light onto Bayard St. While it’s tempting to continue straight on Neville in the bike lane all the way to Fifth Ave, I generally avoid riding on Fifth when possible as there are a lot of cars with cranky drivers at rush hour. Bayard is much more calm. Cross over Craig St. at the light, continuing on Bayard up the short incline until the light at Bigelow Blvd. Bayard is a wide street so the cars have plenty of room to pass you and there are generally far fewer cars than many other streets in Oakland.
  6. Turn left onto Bigelow Blvd at the light. Cross over Fifth Ave at the light and continue to the Cathedral of Learning, Schenley Plaza, the Carnegie Library or your other destination of choice! There are many bike racks in the area so locking up won’t be a problem.

On Bike to Work Day (May 16) I encourage you to stop by BikePGH’s Commuter Café in Oakland’s Schenley Plaza for free coffee, muffins and fresh fruit in the morning. Happy riding.

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