Homewood anti-violence event promotes biking

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Three young men banded together to put on Bikes Up, Guns Down

We just heard about this great event that will take place in Homewood this Saturday, October 11th. Our hearts and our thoughts go out to the grieving families. If you have any additional information about the event, please let us know by contacting news@bikepgh.org.

Saturday, October 11
10AM – 6PM
7200 Block of Frankstown Ave in Homewood

“BIKES UP, GUNS DOWN, October 11th from 10am-6pm in Homewood in the 7200 block of Frankstown Avenue. The event Bikes up, Guns Down. It is being put together by group of young men from different communities. The event was brought forth after all the shootings in Homewood over the past 2 months. The basis of the event is to steer our youth back to being children, i.e. back to riding bikes and just having fun. Bikes Up, Guns down will be a full day of fun for the children. There will be free food and drinks for the children all day. A couple of bouncey houses will be on site for younger children to enjoy. There will be a little stunt show and a kids step team will perform. There will also be bicycle competitions for kids to win ribbons. Lastly they will be raffling off girls and boys bicycles from training wheel size to 20″ bikes and some mountain bikes. Bikes were donated by some Homewood bars, motorcycle clubs residents and a organization outside of Homewood. The rest was raised by these young men who decided in their hearts that enough is enough. Our children will have a future.”

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