Pittsburgh’s sister city Wuhan, China home to world’s largest bike share

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Mayor’s Office to Meet With Officials From Wuhan, China

Today top officials from Mayor Peduto’s administration will be meeting with a delegation from Wuhan, China.

Wuhan, the sixth largest city in China is home to the world’s largest bike share system with 90,000 bikes. That’s more than three times the size of Paris’ 24,000 bike system, the largest in all of Europe.


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Bike share in Wuhan is free for all users. Uniquely, their system is operated by the private sector. The Wuhan government gives the station advertising and development rights to the operators who use the money raised from advertisements to pay for the management of the public bike system.

The Chinese delegation will be meeting today with Chief of Staff Kevin Acklin, Innovation & Performance Chief Debra Lam, Chief of Urban Affairs Valerie McDonald-Roberts, Chinese entrepreneurs, and community and education leaders from the Pittsburgh region.

The City of Pittsburgh has announced that the sister cities plan to collaborate across themes including: arts and education, urban transformation, innovation, and sustainable development. We hope that Pittsburgh’s leaders will discuss and learn from Wuhan’s pioneering embrace of bicycling as a key transportation solution.

Pittsburgh will be launching it’s own public bike share system next spring with 50 stations and 500 bikes. For more on our upcoming bike share system visit pghbikeshare.com.

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