Freezing your mitts off? Check out this great hack.

View from the side

TA-DA! I know, you’re thinking, “What in the…?!” but bear with me. It’s awesome.

“It might look goofy, but it does the job”

So there I was biking back from an event in downtown Pittsburgh along Smallman Street in the Strip District when I caught a glimpse of something … different about the bike ahead of mine. There was a gleam of something shiny around its bars. And unlike me, hunched and hurried to get out of the cold, its rider was pedaling comfortably and upright. Once closer I saw the coolest — nay, hottest — DIY bike accessory that I’ve ever laid eyes on. I had to stop the rider.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Anna, a clever and resourceful local, got the idea to make wind guards for her bike after one too many rides with cold air battering her hands as she pedaled along. “I just had to,” she said.


Anna and her “Wind Guards”

Her design uses materials that many people have around the house. If you have two jugs, some tools, and some spare time, you’re halfway there.

View from the side

Creative reuse at its finest

Best yet, Anna supplied the step-by-step plans for her brainchild on Instructables, a website for sharing DIY projects.


Behold the glory

Anna has been bike commuting for many years and lived in both Harrisburg and Virginia before moving to Pittsburgh two years ago. She endured hostility from drivers in both places and says Pittsburgh is a far more enjoyable city for riding. “People don’t yell at me here,” she explained.

Anna, we at BikePGH are really glad you chose live and ride here in Pittsburgh. We’re especially glad that you were willing to take a moment out of your day to share your great story and invention with us.

Make a set of bike wind guards for yourself by following her instructions:

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