We cover the issues that matter to you most, from pedestrian and bicycling safety to affordable housing and everything in between. Here are some of our most popular blog posts from 2016, in case you missed them.

The Dutch Reach Could Save Lives

When drivers and passengers exit the car without looking first, they have the ability to wipe out a cyclist sharing the road with a car. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Reach is not only a taught practice, but it is tested for during the Driver’s Exam.

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We Call On PennDOT to Fix West Carson Street

More than two hundred bicyclists gathered at South 27th Street and Tunnel Boulevard to ride for Dennis Flanagan, who was killed while riding on West Carson Street. We rode to voice our frustration with PennDOT, who shy from public input, yet whose roads account for the majority of bicycle fatalities in and around our City.

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Pittsburgh City Council Preliminarily Votes to Legalize Bike Riding on Wooded Trails in City-owned Parks

Yes. You read that right. For years there has been a little known, never enforced bit of municipal code that technically made it illegal to ride bikes in a City park “on other than on a paved vehicular road.”

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Read Update: City Council unanimously votes to legalize bike riding in parks

In Mt. Lebanon, officials view pedestrians as the menace

Instead of figuring out why so many people find the need to walk across the street at unmarked crossings in their business district, Mt. Lebanon officials voted to criminalize them with up to $300 in fines and fees.

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How to Buy a Used Bike

Shopping for a used bike can easily become overwhelming if you haven’t properly taken stock of your needs. Here are some pointers to help you get started!

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The Comeback story, as told through a bike map

We took up the creation of a new Pittsburgh Bike Map as one of our first projects. Hours and hours of outreach, design, and revision by the (small) BikePGH staff and board, dedicated volunteers, and DeepLocal – the design/marketing firm that has been a crucial supporter since the beginning.

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Pittsburgh selected for a program to figure out how to fund city-owned steps

Mayor Bill Peduto just announced that Pittsburgh was selected for a city accelerator program that focuses on figuring out how to find viable and sustainable ways of funding public infrastructure. The City chose to focus on our 700+ city-owned steps, an important and necessary component of our pedestrian infrastructure.

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New BikePGH Report snapshots Pedestrian and Bicycling Safety in Pittsburgh

With help from Allegheny County and the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, we released a Report on Pedestrian and Bicycling Safety in Pittsburgh, 2011-2015.

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Transportation and the Vision for an Affordable Pittsburgh

In desirable cities throughout the nation, rents and home prices are rising. Creating and preserving affordable housing has become a major policy focus as residents are displaced from their communities in cities across America.

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